Why! Does the benefit system not take mental health serious still?

After visiting the job center in Reading today i came away from there in floods of tears and very worried. The guy i spoke to just wasn’t listening to me at all. Doesn’t matter that i had a sick note from my DR for my mental health and severe pain in my foot.

Everything i said about the sick note he said it was no excuse for not searching for a job or applying. Also if a job comes up then i should be ready to take it. I tried to explain that working in retail with a very painful foot was not easy. Apparently if your working on the shop floor you can ask for a chair to sit on or ask the company for extra breaks. As if Asda, Tesco, lidl or any of the other places are going to do this for their employees.

Perhaps i should put my head in the sand, might get more answers from down under

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